Anonymous asked:
Have you made any progress on your comic? x

Hello*waves* Yes , I have:) It’s a matter of finishing the inking and refining some lines. I’ll continue it once I come back.


Met up with Meetingyourmaker for dinner this evening at Shibuya! Lovely, funny Maia! Thanks so much for the coffee and stationery (you’re a mind reader!), the pretty red journal and your gorgeous Sherlock drawing, and most of all, the great pleasure of your company! It was so much fun, my dear. ^__^

I’m so glad you like them, Nana. I’ve had a wonderful time as well. Still reading/ staring at your marvellous presents:D Will be posting them soon when I come back.

for meetingyourmaker

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Anonymous asked:
What do you call the blue in fawnlock's skin and antlers?

I can’t find an exact word for it…but they’re sort of a mark of magic . I have this headcanon that fawnlock is the god of that forest and he has the ability to control the flora and fauna (little fawnlock is still in process of learning though).  

Hope you have fun. Tokyo is a big place!

Thank you ! I’m sure I will :D

I’ll be going to Tokyo, Japan tomorrow so I wouldn’t be able to post as frequently as I want to. 

I’m excited since it’s going to be my first time there and I get to meet nana-41175 .

Anonymous asked:
Hi do you take requests? ^_^ for your amazing art?

Hello !! I only take request if there’s any new interesting art meme or when I hit a follower milestone. 

Good news is that is going to happen soon (because of follower count).

When I open art requests to followers, I indicate how many available slots I have and will take requests on number of people who message me first. It’s pretty simple and straightforward.  

For the meantime, I’m working on the last requests and my comic of course :)


This is funnier than it should be.


sketch from photo / Baker Street 221B



In celebration of me reaching 200 followers (*wohoo*) and completing my one year on tumblr (*louder wohoo*) and it being mine and Benedict Cumberbatch’s birthday today (*wohoos so loudly that lungs explode*) imma do my first follow forever! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

Seriously though, thanks to all my…

Congrats to your 200 followers milestone and happy birthday to you!!

Thank you so much! This is my first time being mentioned in a follow forever and I will truly cherish it! All the best XD