Smaug Sketchdump References

My sketchy guide when I’m drawing Smaug. It’s like a compilation of all references on the dragon. I do know he has more horns but I’m too tired to draw all of them :P

I would need to work on the consistency of proportions on his face though but the general idea is there.


Now, when John hasn’t got the time to investigate cases with Sherlock, Sherlock has his “other” companion with him (the skull was dragging too much attention)



The beautiful handmade Fawnlock sculpture I won from Janus Jupiter’s giveaway came today!  Thank you so much, Sarah, I love it!  

Straight from the heart of Texas it made it! ♥ Success (And not broken, I am always paranoid about that kind of thing lol). You’re very welcome Tennille!
I had alot of fun with this giveaway and am already planning another one. Send any requests about what you think it should be and I will look into it! Thanks again ♥♥♥


:) Nice to know you like it. I have more sketches though but I’m a bit self conscious on posting it. 

Wow! This look great! Love the brushes :)

Thank you :D I always like to experiment on different styles. 

Kharthur Doodle #1
Jim suggested that it would be romantic. 
Khan agrees because what could be more romantic than offering to pledge the heart of Arthur’s enemies to him.
I opted for that boombox declaration of love (movie ‘Say Anything). But this is the future and Khan owns a space ship. Vengeance will be his boombox.  

Tried a different color style and testing some brushes .
B/W coloring then color overlay on next layer. 

Hi :D 

Been away from Tumblr for quite some time. It’s because of RL and doing a lot of artwork projects. A lot of it are not done yet ( I have the tendency to flit from one WIP to another if I got stuck). 

So for the meantime I’ll be posting some doodles. Actually all of them are Khan and Kharthur (Khan / Arthur). I keep a small notebook for me to write some Sherlock and Kharthur headcanons. 

I’ve tagged it ‘kharthur’ or ‘khanthur’ if it’s not your thing. 

music2lurve asked:
I luuuuuurve your Cupidlock. The idea is awesome. Can't wait to read the next update :)

Thank you :D I’m glad you like it . I’m currently working on the next chapter and it’ll be finished sooner than expected. 


The artist very kindly said that we could have a go at adding colour to this lovely piece of art, so this is my try at it. Original is here-
smaug dreams - original art by meetingyourmaker colour by me.

curlyfuchuck2 colored my lineart and I’m so happy! Thank you so much ! I’m thinking of doing more linearts every now and then :D